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Monday, April 19, 2010

What a Hammers Day!

Ow, it's red army ruling the KLSE and the global stock market today.

After look at the price chart, can you believe that? Most of the stock daily charts are showing a hammer today, especially FBMKLCI index! What a bunch of pretty bullish hammers, which is the 1st time I seen! 

If this is true, we shall see the green army to rule the market very soon! Let's keep our finger cross and may the luck be with us.

Happy investing!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Promotion Offer From Online Stock Brokers

As for Premier88, investors with balance of RM30,000 and above in their account will be guaranteed five free trades every month. This is the best I ever heard. 5 free trades, folks! 

Well, since there are so many stock broker firms are available in Malaysia and they are getting more and more competitive, retail investors like us will be having more benefits and choices. Keep it up!

If you yet to know, ECM Libra Investment Bank has made a follow-up move like other broker firms by launching an online stock trading portal, in hope to reach more retail investors across the local market through the Internet.

Yes, indeed this is a good strategy, as it is a faster way to expand, and cheaper compared to setting up of branches in various locations to cover the market. Just like my favorite broker firm, Jupiter Securities, they spent money to build up their online portal and offer lower transaction fees rather than setting up branches around the country.

Jupiter Securities also offers low brokerage rate to trade Hong Kong and Singapore shares.

Up to last month, ECM Libra has about 10,000 active retail customers with RM15 billion traded volume last year. Of this total, 18 per cent of customers trade online, according to the response in the past six months after its soft launch.

The portal offers the lowest brokerage of 0.05 per cent or a minimum fee of RM8 per contract during the promotion period. Just the same rate as Jupiter Securities. After that it will be 0.08 per cent or RM12 per contract. The portal houses four products, namely cash upfront, collaterised, DayTrading88 and Premier88.

In the case of DayTrading88, investors will pay brokerage fee only when profits are made per stock traded during the day, he said.

Monday, April 5, 2010

KLCI 10 Consecutive Days Rally

What a rally! KLCI has surged for consecutive 10 days, due to the positive news from internal and external. This is really rare, but it just managed to make a short-term history. Most of the good fundamental stocks have been going up rapidly during this 10 trading days. As what I projected in my previous posts, KKB and POS are continue to have a good rally today. 

If you ask when is the best time to let them go, I would say this week may be is the time. This is because market won't go up everyday, buyers will eventually running out and negative news will eventually come out. We don't know how soon is it, but we let others to continue to be greedy. 

However, not everyone want to exit for quick profit, especially during strong bull trend. If you have the true mindset of 'investment' or a long-term investor, you may want to grab those good quality stocks even though you know there will be a correction. At least you don't have to worry on when to enter and exit in a short-term.

Happy investing, folks.

Friday, April 2, 2010

KLSE Stock Talk 1Q2010

It's Good Friday today. The index has been up from pre-CNY of 1,224 to new high of 1,335 today. Every investor is making money out there, the country economy growth seems positive, and everything sounds too good isn't it? So when will this good thing ends? Analyst forecast there will be a correction by May or June, what do you think?

In my opinion, based on the recent trading volumes, correction might not coming too soon. But who know. Just like BJCORP, it has been shot up close to 30% right after my negative post on it. Even with the annual net loss announced on the past few days in addition to Tan Sri Vincent Tan disposed his shares, the share price is not really affected. Great.

Looking at my trading portfolio, most of the picks are growing very well, especially SUPERMX, and some minor stocks are just ignored the KLCI index performance by going sideway, i.e. GENTING. It's okay, I can't win all of them, but at least they are growing steadily in overall. I hope you are doing well too, with such a strong growth condition.

I don't know why this editor is so pissed off with POS.

Let's get back to the local market. It seems like it is getting harder to find gems from the stock market nowadays. I'm pleased that POS finally shot up 20% today, after our Prime Minister provided a great stock tips to us on past Tuesday. I believe POS price has more potential to grow upside after today. ;)

Let's proceed to 2Q2010!

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