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Thursday, September 23, 2010

6.38% Dividend For AS1M

After waiting for a year, I finally see Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia (AS1M) dividend news this evening. According to PNB, AS1M buyers will be distributed with 6.38 cents per unit! In fact, it shouldn't be a surprise for us, as the KLCI index has been up for more than 250 points, around 21%. Overall, I'm satisfied with the dividend yield, as 6.38% is the slightly better than ASM and ASW2020, 6.30% and 6.35% respectively. 

With the dividend announced, perhaps more people will try to absorb this fund. Up to now, the quota given to the Chinese community has been fully subscribed, while the units for Bumiputeras and Indians have still remained largely unsubscribed. If you are a Chinese, then you have no quota to buy now. I hope Bumi and Indians will utilize this opportunity to buy-in some AS1M units, while I only can wait for the next opportunity.

Chinese community is very active in buying Amanah Saham. You should know why.

At the meantime, Ringgit finally slips from 13 years high, from 3.0873 to 3.0915. That makes me remind of rubber glove makers. This should be a little good sign for them? I saw their shares are falling like waterfall again today. It's time to collect some? According to price charts, some yes and some not. We further confirm the call by seeing how they are being traded on tomorrow. 

They are many other interesting things to talk about, but I guess that's enough for me today.

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