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Sunday, September 12, 2010

OSK Investment Challenge

Good news. I just discovered I've some advertisement income from Nuffnang regarding OSK investment challenge. I must promote it, because these are easy money if your luck is come at the right time. I'm sorry I was a bit late as the challenge has started since 16 August. It was my birthday, though. But don't worry, perhaps you knew and in the contest already. Furthermore, the end date is 1st October. We still have 3 weeks time to catch up.

OSK just organized a stock trading contest based on KLSE market. The winner will entitled for RM25,000, 1st runner-up will be RM10,000 and 2nd-runner up will get RM5,000. And there will be also Acer notebook to give away weekly. The prize this time is a lot more better than previous contest organized by RHBInvest. Comparatively, RHBInvest is very stingy with the cash and give away prizes, yet they want to promote their product. Sight, I'm still upset about my defeat on previous contest.

Sadly, the contest is only open for post and pre-graduate student, who is between 18 to 30 years old. Damn, I'm just over the age limit. But that shouldn't be a problem at all, we can just get any college or Uni student as a partner to work on this. RM25,000, I don't think I can utilize my current capital to make such lucrative income from stock investment within a year. I hope you don't let go this opportunity.
If you think you don't have time to aim for the grand prize. No worry. I've a tips here perhaps can help out. You can just focus on the top 10 volume stocks and you can be the weekly winner. Get a notebook, why not?

Let's rock the challenge! All the best, folks.

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